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Hongda polyurethane co., LTD.

Established in 1999, dongguan hongda polyurethane co., LTD., a subsidiary of Hong Kong house group, is a high-tech enterprise and a private technology enterprise in guangdong province.At present, it is a national high-tech enterprise, a private science and technology enterprise in guangdong province, a governing unit of China polyurethane industry association and a governing unit of guangdong materials society.The company started its preparation in 1999 and put into production on June 28, 2000.Dongguan hongda polyurethane co., ltd. has three companies: in 2008, it joined sichuan lushan county chuanghua mining co., LTD., and in July 2008, it set up ganzhou hongda polyurethane co., LTD., in xinfeng county, ganzhou city.In 2009, jiangxi tianyi digital photoelectric technology co., LTD was established in xinfeng county, ganzhou city.

Ganzhou hongda polyurethane co., LTD. Factory covers an area of about 50,000 square meters, with an annual comprehensive production capacity of 45,000 tons.

Dongguan hongda polyurethane co., LTD. Specializes in the production of ink coatings, leather chemicals, electrostatic flocking polyurethane resin.It is divided into two categories: water-based polyurethane resin and oil-based polyurethane resin. Oil-based polyurethane resin is widely used in TPR and rubber paint, screen printing ink, PU and rubber paint, non-yellowing shoe paint, cooking resistant composite ink and so on.Waterborne polyurethane resin is widely used in waterborne screen and leather painting, leather surface treatment agent, electrostatic flocking leather coating, textiles, leather, paper, plastic and so on.Covers an area of about 10,000 square meters, the existing production plant and warehouse 6,000 square meters.At present, the company has six sets of fully automatic control of polyurethane resin production equipment and advanced production technology, with independent intellectual property rights, the main raw materials are all imported, specializing in the production of ink and paint polyurethane resin, most of which are domestic initiative, quality up to the advanced level of foreign countries.It has obtained eight invention patents.The annual comprehensive production capacity is nearly 10,000 tons.We also have a group of experts from various research institutes and domestic experts who have been engaged in the research of polyurethane industry for many years. Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the tenet of "creating benefits for customers, creating opportunities for employees and creating value for the society"."To quality for survival, to technology for development, to management for efficiency" as the business philosophy;With the tenet of "let knowledge change destiny, and create future with learning", we devote ourselves to research and development and serve customers, and have achieved remarkable results.Supported by the "technology innovation fund for small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises" of the ministry of science and technology.Is a national high-tech enterprises, private technology enterprises in guangdong province, dongguan city, patent cultivating enterprise, the fifth council member of China polyurethane industry association unit, China waterborne polyurethane industry council director unit, the first member of the association of Chinese coating resin branch, intellectual property research center, dongguan city, guangdong province material society director unit, etc.

In the process of new product research and development, hongda polyurethane pays attention to the cooperation and technical exchange with colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, and keeps close contact with domestic famous universities for a long time.Now we are cooperating with Beijing university of chemical technology, sun yat-sen university, south China university of technology and other famous universities.It has the "safe production license for hazardous chemicals" and has obtained the "safety standardization" standard enterprise.In the domestic authority of the polyurethane technology exchange meeting can always see hongda company general manager and technical personnel.Hongda not only pays attention to product research and development and market development, but also pays attention to the construction of corporate culture. It takes a variety of ways such as study, visit, tourism, and development to relieve the work pressure of employees, improve the enthusiasm of employees, shorten the distance between leaders and subordinates, and improve the cohesion and centritivity of the enterprise.The general manager and the main backbone of hongda company often participate in management training, actively participate in various council association activities, after each training also organize the staff to exchange and learn together, hope to make progress together with the team, in order to build a "learning team, innovative enterprise".